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Shining On (Beautiful) Design

I had an opportunity to meet a talented interior designer and a wonderful mother named Samantha Regan. I met her through her daughters from my kids' elementary school while I was working as a part time Lunch Recess Supervisor. Her kids and I talked during recess and lunch everyday. Right before the school year was over, I had an opportunity that I couldn't resist. Samantha saw some of my work and was wondering if I would take photos of her home. Of course, I said "Absolutely, I would love to". So right when I entered through the front door, my heart was just melted. Each room has its own designs and personalities. I couldn't stop saying "Oh my goodness, I'm so in LOVE!!!" It was such a great pleasure to work with another amazing interior designer. Please check out her blog, Shining On Design for more of her beautiful work. You can also find some more images here on my website.

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